what fuzzy coconut has to offer

Harvested ’Nuts

As a rule, coconuts are humble...objects. However, as the web is an every-’nut-for-itself place, we have put together a small portfolio showing some of our work. Like any portfolio, it is not all-inclusive, but you knew that already.

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Fuzzy Goodies

Coconuts are also silly objects, and the Fuzzy Coconut crew is no exception. We have put together an entertaining collection of, well, see for yourself.

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Beautiful Design

Fuzzy Coconut sports several full-time web/graphic designers on staff. Trained and experienced in everything from brochureware web sites to web applications to photography to sculpture and painting, Fuzzy Coconut always gives a fresh look to your project and treats each one like the work of art it is.

You will work closely with one or all of the available ’nuts. The finished product will be a web site that not only looks amazing, but is extraordinarily easy to use. Your customers will hang around longer and enjoy every moment of the visit.

Functional Development

Not only can Fuzzy Coconut create a gorgeous web site just for you, you can have it built here as well. The ’nuts have experience with some of the internet’s trendiest buzzwords—Ajax, XML, PHP, and CSS are just a few in use every day.

Need a shopping cart? We can do it. Want to blog? Yup. Support/discussion boards? Affirmative. Need a custom content management system so you can administer your entire site without having to type a single line of HTML? Oh, absolutely. If you can imagine it, Fuzzy Coconut can help you make it a reality. We relish challenges.

Effective Copywriting

Not only does Fuzzy Coconut employ fantastic creative writers (who may or may not have been involved in the authoring of this page), but we also have a staff full of full-fledged, anal-retentive grammar geeks. Your prepositions will never hang and your participles shall not dangle. And lest there be a nasty fight, your subjects and verbs will always agree.

Ultimately, you are the best expert on your own business and if you would prefer, the ’nuts will coach you in writing your own copy and provide editing services. If you haven’t the time or energy to do so, Fuzzy Coconut has access to technical writers of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines.

Now you know what a coconut does it its spare time.